When it comes time for home improvement, there are many routes you can take. One such route could be hiring licensed contractor to do the job. The other would be hiring a local handyman to do the job. He is a local after all, and a friend of yours swears by him. The best part? He comes at a low rate, he’s trusted by friends and he’s cheap. What’s not to like? Sure, he is not a licensed contractor, but that really doesn’t matter, does it?

Unfortunately it does. Choosing the unlicensed route can be hazardous to your home. Sure, they may come at a slightly cheaper rate than a licensed professional, but the risk is hardly worth the reward. Contractors licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission are held to certain standards that ensure quality work is done on your home. Unlicensed contractors are not held under such scrutiny. In fact, many unlicensed contractors are former MHIC members who had their contract revoked due to negligence shown during home improvement. So, before you give the local unlicensed handyman a call, consider these five ways unlicensed contractors can be a detriment to your home.

  1. Take the Money and Run Scam – Unlicensed contractors make a living from offering prices that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, most of the time said prices are just that. Unlicensed contractors have been known to make a cheap deal, take the money, and leave without ever doing or properly finishing the job.
  2. The Old ‘Bait and Switch’ – Another way unlicensed contractors deceive you into employing them is by using what is called a bait and switch technique. While giving a quote, they will give a very low estimate, only to jack the price up once the job begins, with odds and ends items that were “not found during the estimate” or “accidentally left off of the contract”.
  3. Hidden Fees – Again, unlicensed too good to be true prices are just that: too good to be true. This money stealing technique involves tacking on to their pay by charging for “unforeseen” repairs that are often unnecessary or service charges that were not displayed on the estimate.
  4. Subpar Work – Most often, unlicensed contractors would prefer to be licensed. The reason why they are not? Their work does not live up to the quality demanded by the MHIC. Their cheap prices will not be worth it when your home requires work to fix the less than stellar job they performed.
  5. Crime doesn’t Pay- If you are not yet convinced of the pitfalls of unlicensed contractors, you are about to be. In the state of Maryland, it is actually illegal for unlicensed contractors to perform work on homes. That’s right, hiring a unlicensed contractor is a crime.

Though unlicensed contractors may seem like a good idea, they can cost you your valuable time and money in the long run. To ensure your home gets the proper work it needs, hire a MHIC licensed contractor, like Arocon Roofing and Construction, who will give ate  a FREE estimate to repair your home today!