Spring has sprung and it’s now time to bring your home out of its hibernation. Unfortunately, months and months of bitter cold and damaging weather has likely left your home looking worn down and beat up—just in time for the spring season! All jokes aside, winter often leaves many projects for the spring season.  Gutters are clogged or broken, siding is worn, roofs are damaged, and to make matters worse, the sun has returned to highlight all of the blemishes. While you could try to sweep these defects under the rug, you could also take these problems head on and ensure you home is looking great this spring.

If you are a homeowner who wants to take spring cleaning head on, here are some tips to brighten up your home.

Spring Cleaning Projects:

1. Repairing Damaged Siding: Damaged siding can make even the nicest of homes look unsightly. After the beating winter gives, inspecting your siding should be a high priority on your spring cleaning list. Sometimes siding makes it through the winter needing only a few new fasteners to secure loose pieces, but sometimes your siding, which traditionally makes up 80% of your home’s exterior, not to mention keeps your home nice and insulated, is damaged beyond repair. Keeping up with your siding repairs is a great way to improve your homes spring look and interior feel.

2. Window Shopping: Windows can really make or break any home. A faulty window can have negative effects on your homes temperature, pest control, and lighting. Not only that, since windows are one of the most looked at parts of home exteriors, damaged or broken windows lower your home’s appeal. Give your windows a thorough inspection, and consider replacing old, damaged windows! Window assessment and repair should be on any good spring cleaning list.

3. Fixing Up Those Gutters: Gutters have tedious, but relatively easy upkeep. However, neglect can not only leave gutters damaged, it can cause multiple eyesores for your home. Leakage and build up can leave your home streaked with grime, your gutters filled to the brim with sludge and also water to get near the foundation of your home. So when spring cleaning, be sure to address your gutters as soon as possible. That way you can determine if they simply need a quick clean, or if the damage is more serious, you will have time to replace them before the April showers hit.

4. Consider Adding Roof Skylights: One of the greatest things about spring is the sunshine. After months and months of grey skies, people want to take advantage of every way possible to soak in some sun. One great way to add some sun to your life is installing a Skylight in your home. Skylights are installed in roofs to allow natural sunlight to light your home, while benefiting your health and well-being. Adding a Skylight installation to your spring projects will could be just the thing your home needs to shine.

5. Mulch Needed Landscaping: With spring comes flowers, trees, and life. While not everyone is born with a green thumb, there are things anyone can do to freshen up their landscaping. Perhaps the easiest solution is mulch. A new mulching for spring can make your home look fresh and ready for a new season. Mulch is relatively cheap and easy to install, so it should be on every home’s spring cleaning list.

Getting your home ready for spring can be overwhelming. While these tips can surely help, not everyone can determine a loose piece of siding from an irreparable one. For spring cleaning that goes beyond your abilities, consider award-wining contractor AROCON Roofing and Construction. AROCON is be proud to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor that can help get your home ready for this spring season.