Despite the weather playing hot and cold with us in recent weeks, it seems that summer is finally here! But before you start pulling out the lawn furniture and opening the pool back up, take some time to check out your roof.

During the winter months, snow and ice can take a toll on your roof. You want to catch any damage that may have happened before it becomes a bigger issue. Use the following steps to perform a quick spring checkup on your roof:

  1. Walk around the outside of your house, and check the edges of the roof. Look for any obvious signs of damage- disturbed shingles, dark patches, anything hanging off the ledge of your roof.
  2. Next it’s time to pull out a sturdy ladder (have someone spot you as an extra safety measure) and climb up to your roof for a closer inspection. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, and plant the ladder on a flat surface to avoid an accident. Check for cracked, bulging or loose shingles and any materials that may have come loose.
  3. Make sure gutters and properly secured and unclogged. If the gutters are clogged, remove any debris and check for leaks by running water through them. And be sure to check for roof granules in your gutter, as large amounts of this debris are a sign that you need to get your roof inspected.
  4. Check for any animal activity on your roof (animals often like to nest in attics in the winter). Look for any droppings, scratches, nesting materials, or chewed surfaces, which may indicate that a raccoon or other critter tried to move in this past winter.
  5. If you see any major damage to any part of your roof, call in a professional. You don’t wanna be messing around with such an important part of the house if it’s something major that needs to be repaired.

For help with any and all roofing concerns, contact us today and be sure to check out our other posts for more helpful tips on maintaining your home.