Summer is prime time for home improvement and renovations. Perhaps you are redoing your patio, or you simply want to freshen up your furniture and outdoor plants for a brighter look. But where should you start? Browsing some of these sites and social media pages may provide you with just the inspiration you need to get going with your home improvement project!


Of course, Pinterest is one of the first choices for people looking for design inspiration. It’s simple to create an account if you don’t already have one, and Pinterest “boards” allow you to separate your pins by category. For example, you could have one board labeled “Lawn Furniture Ideas” with different chaise lounges or colorful pillows to add some color to your yard. Or perhaps “Patio Remodel”with DIY patio projects and flower planters that catch your eye. Pinterest is the ideal pick for someone who has a lot of ideas and wants to stay organized.

And if you happen to find a few boards that really inspire you, you can follow them so that you receive updates whenever they pin new content! Instagram

Porch’s Instagram account features colorful images of different interior and exterior home settings that really pop. Scrolling through Instagram on your phone is the perfect time to get some inspiration for your renovation project. The page is filled with ideas for everything from a kitchen remodel to a backyard picnic area. Save the pictures that inspire you the most by simply taking a screenshot on your phone and storing them in a dedicated folder for home improvement ideas.

Houzz Instagram

Along with their blog, Houzz’s Instagram page also offers a lot of beautiful and creative design ideas for both interior and exterior home. Pictures of colorful living room designs and interesting new color combinations dominate the page and provide the perfect inspiration for a home remodel. And check out the Houzz blog for a steady stream of inspirational content and unique design ideas.

Better Homes and Gardens Instagram

Check out this page for a steady stream of gorgeous outdoor picnic tables and patio decor, along with sleek kitchen designs and the added bonus of yummy food pictures, which everyone loves. The variety of posts on this page makes it a great pick for someone whose style often changes and is looking to refresh their home.

Follow Your Favorite Influencers

Everyone’s style is different when it comes to home improvement projects and remodels. There are so many options out there for beautiful furniture and different pieces for both the interior and exterior of your home. By browsing through different style influencers on social media, you can pick and choose pages that have a similar taste to your own to follow. For example, Eddie Ross, the East Coast Editor of Better Home and Gardens has an Instagram page that may appeal to those who love bright colors and unique patterns in their home design, while Sarah Fogle’s (of Ugly Duckling DIY) Instagram page features simple DIY projects for home improvement that homeowners can try for themselves.

Whatever your style is, there are plenty of resources out there for you to get inspired and start improving your home.  And as always, contact AROCON for your roofing and home improvement needs!