The mercury is rising outside, and the summer sun is blazing down upon us, making this a perfect time to think about having new windows installed. Rather than the tired old models of yesteryear, modern multi-pane vinyl windows have many time and expense-saving features, including insulating gases and hidden hinges for easy cleaning. Here are some of the other benefits of new windows:

Today’s windows are designed to keep extreme temperatures where they belong – outside your home. Whether it’s swelteringly hot or freezing cold out of doors, internal living spaces need to be kept at a constant, comfortable temperature, especially when the elderly, children, or pets are involved. Because of their vastly improved insulation value, having new windows installed will let you enjoy lower heating and cooling costs. Climate control is high on the list of the greatest ongoing costs of homeownership, which means that updated windows usually pay for themselves sooner rather than later.

Increased home value and curb appeal. If you plan to put your home on the market in the near future, having recently updated windows will be a major selling point. A wise investment for both current use and future value, new windows are a surefire way to add value to any home, big or small.

Easier maintenance due to improved design. Tilt-in sashes let the homeowner clean a window’s outside surfaces without hauling a bucket and sponge up a tottering ladder. This safety and convenience-boosting design does away with one of the more dangerous chores of years passed.

Gain peace of mind thanks to improved home and personal safety. If they’re accidentally broken, most newer window panes are designed to break into small chunks that cut less readily than jagged, falling shards. Plus, much like automobile windshields, laminated window-panes resist breaking when they’re struck by either flying debris or a burglar’s hammer. With new windows, sunlight is the only thing getting into your house easily.

Updating your home’s windows will also tighten up its thermal envelope and provide better noise reduction due to improved overall insulation. Heat and cold aren’t the only nuisances new windows will keep out – another benefit of new windows is their ability to attenuate, or reduce the strength of, noise. Whether it’s the neighbor’s barking dog or the sound of vehicles driving by, the insulating power of modern windows is amazing – at least for people used to the single-pane, wooden models of yesteryear.

Windows and doors are the parts of a home that let in (and out) the most amount of heating and cooling energy. If you’re looking to cut your energy costs while improving everything from the amount of sunlight in your home to its aesthetic appeal and inherent value, talk with your local window installation professionals at AROCON.