Solar panels have skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade. At the forefront of the renewable energy movement, solar panels have the ability to positively impact the environment, and lessen the amount of electricity used. However, the decision to install solar panels on your home’s roof should not be made lightly, as installation can be costly. Before making a decision on solar panels, consider the following pros and cons.

Con: The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine

Solar Panels depend on the sun to produce energy. Without it, they can be rendered useless. Long periods of overcast weather can really damper their effectiveness. Energy sources should be dependable, so relying on one that depends on the weather can be inconsistent. The conditional nature of solar panels should be taken into consideration before installation and having an electrical back-up is recommended.

Pro: Virtually Unlimited Power Source.

While the sun isn’t always shining, it is always there. Unlike other energy sources which require exhaustible resources, solar panels draw on the virtually unlimited power of the sun. This means that solar energy can be harnessed for generations to come without diminishing resources.

Con: The Roof Space Sacrifice

Another issue with solar panels is are roof space requirements. Solar panels need ample space to be effective, so you must be willing to sacrifice roof space to install them. While this seems obvious, it must not be ignored in your decision. You must make sure solar panels are a practical option for the roof space you are working with.

Pro: Environmentally Friendly

If you have the sufficient space for solar panels, installing them will most definitely bring a positive impact to the environment. Unlike other conventional energy sources, solar panels do not cause pollution. This will benefit not only you, but generations to come. Solar panel installation requires some sacrifice, but has the ability to benefit our environment.

Con: Installation can be costly.

Installing Solar panels can be expensive. While solar panels save in the long run, the immediate cost must be taken into consideration. If you plan on staying in your current home for the long haul, solar panels are an appealing option, but you should be sure of it if you make the decision to install.

Pro: Long-Term Savings

Installation requires a lot of upfront costs, but it pays off as a long-term investment. Solar panels will decrease the amount of electricity you use; thus, decreasing the amount of money you spend on the electric bill. Over time, they will not only earn your money back, but allow you to profit off of the lessened energy usage.

As demonstrated above, there are both benefits and shortcomings to solar panel installation. Solar panels take up space, depend on sunlight, and can be costly to install. However, they are environmentally friendly, reduce energy usage, and draw from a virtually unlimited power source. If you consider this, and decide that solar panels are right for you, you must prepare your roof for installation. Roofs must be inspected, measured, and prepped before installation–and our Award Winning Contractors at AROCON Roofing and Construction is always here to help!