Window Shopping?

When you’re looking for vinyl replacement windows in Maryland, there will be many questions.  The first one is, “How much do windows cost?”

Unfortunately, it’s a bit like asking, “How much does a car cost?” Cars, like windows come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges, and can vary greatly in quality.

To stick with the car analogy, once you’ve narrowed your search to a specific model, you’ll still have some decisions to make about options like which color and which glass package to choose, all of which will affect the final price.

 So the answer is, “It’s complicated.”  However, based on AROCON’s experience as one of Maryland’s leading window installers and the data we’ve compiled, we can offer this guide to show at least a range of what you can expect your windows to cost.

Up front, windows do not cost $189.  This is a sneaky strategy used by some in the home improvement industry for decades.  Ads for windows at incredibly low prices are designed to get you to open the door to a sneaky salesman, with “both homeowners” home, to sell you a more expensive window.  With a “$189 window,” you’ll find that either the window itself, the installation, or both are lacking some very basic features.

At the other end of the scale, some companies use very long and elaborate sales presentations that conclude with a price of $1,000 to $1,200 per window.  When you decline, the price will begin to drop as the salesperson “calls his manager,” offers a discount for putting a company sign in your yard and so forth.  There’s no need to subject yourself to this, since every company knows their cost for the windows and the labor needed to install them.  The rest is just gamesmanship.

The truth is that the cost for a quality vinyl replacement window installed in your home should be somewhere in between $500 – $700.

That price range will apply to double-hung windows, where the sashes slide up and down, in typical sizes.  Very large windows or different styles such as casement windows may vary in cost.  Bear in mind that even within your own home there may be some cost variations from window to window: some may be larger than others, or you may want an upgraded glass packages, specifically for the windows that receive the most afternoon sun.

As to the installation, it should include removing and hauling away the old windows, capping the exterior frame with aluminum trim and both interior and exterior caulking.  Remember, no window will perform as it should if it’s not installed properly.

If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal and replace your old windows, AROCON will work with you to determine a budget, select a quality window, and provide long warrantied installations.