Are you looking for a way to block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating into your home? One cost effective solution to consider is window tinting. According to the Dictionary of Construction, window tinting involves a film being applied to the windows to “reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through the glass by increasing solar reflection (not necessarily visible reflection) and solar absorption of glass.”

One of the biggest concerns people have with window tinting is that they don’t want their homes to become darker after the installation is complete. However, did you know that you can choose safety films that are clear, yet still have the capability to block UV light?

Here are five immediate benefits that you and your family can enjoy after tinting your home windows:

  1. More privacy. Window tinting provides an added security measure. After you’ve tinted your windows, it will be harder for snooping neighbors and burglars to see when you’re at home and what expensive equipment you have lying around.

  1. Prevent furniture from fading. When direct sunlight is constantly shining down on materials like wood, leather, and fabric, they will start to fade pretty quickly. By installing tinted windows, you can block harmful UV rays from damaging your home and furniture as rapidly.

  1. Protect your family from UV rays, especially as the ozone layer becomes thinner, and more UV radiation is in our environment. Excessive exposure to UV rays will lead to skin damage that will result in an increased risk of skin cancer. According to the World Health Organization, children are at a higher risk of harm from exposure to the radiation from UV rays.

  1. Decrease the glare in your home. Don’t you hate it when you’re watching TV or using your computer and you can barely see the screen because of the glare from the sunlight? By using tints to reduce the penetrating light, you can enjoy your screen time in peace.

  1. More energy-efficienct. Because tinting your home windows will reduce the heat in your home, you can say goodbye to paying higher rates for your AC bills in the summer. A major portion of the average homeowner’s utility usage in the summer results from heat that enters in through the windows. For more tips on how to make your windows more energy-efficient, check out our previous posts on this topic!

Tinting your home windows is an affordable way to upgrade your home. You get to enjoy the health benefits and money savings, as well as make your home more eco-friendly. After you have decided to tint your windows, consider working with home improvement experts, such as the contractors at AROCON Roofing and Construction. Our team of contractors can work with you to select and install the materials that are most suited to your home so that you can start enjoying the benefits that come with making your windows more energy efficient!