Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton is a ROOFTECH with AROCON.  Andrew loves being able to help customers realize what's going on above their heads on the roof...
Meet Andrew

Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy is a ROOFTECH with AROCON. This is Eric's favorite job ever. He enjoys traveling to all the different job sites and having new tasks and goals...
Meet Eric

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is a ROOFTECH with AROCON.  Bryan moved to the area from Florida and started working with AROCON in the Spring of 2020.  When he's not...
Meet Bryan

Michael Grim

Michael Grim is a ROOFTECH with AROCON.  Mikey loves to travel and snowboard in his free time.  He also enjoys spending time with his family...
Meet Michael

Antonio Bland

Born in North Carolina and raised in Maryland. Antonio enjoys the outdoors, spending lots of time with his kids, and visiting amusement parks...
Meet Antonio

Preston Fallin

Preston Fallin is a ROOFTECH with AROCON.  Preston loves anything outdoors, from snowboarding in the winter, to hiking and rock climbing...
Meet Preston

Mark Brooks

Put my first shingle on at 15yrs old 37yrs ago, I have roofed everything from single family homes to some of the biggest commercial jobs in the US...
Meet Mark

Zachary Brathuhn

Zachary started with AROCON in April of 2020, even during the height of the pandemic, Zachary has become a superstar....
Meet Zachary

Nathaniel Blair

Nathaniel Blair or "Nate Dog" started with AROCON in the spring of 2020. He is enjoying his position with AROCON and working with the public...
Meet Nathaniel

Elliott Smith

Elliott started working for AROCON, in the spring of 2020. One of his favorite parts about working for AROCON is meeting new people...
Meet Elliott

Christopher Kemp

Chris came to work for AROCON in 2020. He enjoys working with his hands and helping the customers understand their roofing systems...
Meet Christopher

John "Jack" Broschart

Jack was working in the roofing industry for 9 years prior to joining the AROCON team in 2020 where is enjoyrs being a part of the AROCON service team...
Meet John

Hunter Riley

-Field Supervisor
In 2015, Hunter joined AROCON as a ROOFTECH, and was soon promoted to Field Supervisor because of his decades of roofing experience...
Meet Hunter

Adam Nefferdorf

-Project Supervisor
Adam and Chris met back in 2013 when they were doing construction work in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore City.  They hit it off quickly and...
Meet Adam

Jason Easton

-Project Supervisor
Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, Jason got his start in the roofing industry working for one of the top roofing & construction companies in South Central...
Meet Jason

Brock Murray

-Project Supervisor
Brock Murray was born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland.  After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at West...
Meet Brock

Kevin Carver

-Project Supervisor
Born and raised in Carroll County, Kevin served our country in the Air Force right after graduating Liberty High School in 2003.  After his military career...
Meet Kevin

Larry Bullen

-Project Supervisor
Since 1974, Larry has been working in the construction trade.  He spent 25 years working as a bricklayer and mason.  He owned two masonry contracting...
Meet Larry

Alex Courpas

-Project Supervisor
Alex is a ROOFTECH with AROCON.  He enjoys working with customers and helping them with their roofing needs.  When Alex is not at work...
Meet Alex

Michael Schauber

-Project Supervisor
Michael was born in Clovis, NM and moved all over the US with his family because his father was a U.S. Air Force surgeon, but he will always consider...
Meet Michael

Brittany Brown

-Service Manager
After graduating from Carroll Community College, Brittany wanted to find a company that treated both its employees and customers ethically...
Meet Brittany

Amber Mechlinski

-Scheduling Manager
Amber Mechlinski works as a scheduling manager at AROCON, and has been with the company since 2018.  Since starting at AROCON, Amber has learned many...
Meet Amber

Sofie Scarlett

-Scheduling Coordinator
Born in Detroit, MI Sofie works as an administrative assistant at AROCON. Although new to AROCON, Sofie is not new to customer service...
Meet Sofie

Katy Reckline

-Production Manager
After graduating from Towson University with a B.S. degree in Psychology, Katy brought her experience in relationship building and community outreach...
Meet Katy

Kyle Smith

-Production Assistant
Kyle started at AROCON in 2019 after a previous lifetime spent operating beverage programs in Washington D.C.  Kyle took to the opportunity...
Meet Kyle

Julia Hilton

-Administrative Assistant
Julia is an Administrative Assistant. She has a background in customer service and enjoys building relationships with customers...
Meet Julia

Nancy Courpas

-Human Resources and PR Manager
Nancy, joined AROCON in July of 2013. She decided to join the AROCON team because she was attracted to the family atmosphere...
Meet Nancy

Mike Neubauer

Born and raised in Eldersburg, Mike graduated from UMBC in 2007 on the Dean's List.  Two years after graduation in 2009, Mike joined AROCON...
Meet Mike

Chris Toleman

-Team Leader
Chris is the humble leader of AROCON.  His main focus in the company is building the team, solving the most tricky roofing and consctruction problems...
Meet Chris

Eric Consuegra

-Team Leader
As a self-proclaimed "roofing nerd", Eric joined AROCON in July of 2009, bringing his passion for roofing and expertise in relationship building and customer...
Meet Eric