AROCON Academy

By Jessica Ting - 9 June
AROCON's Commitment to Excellence

In the past year, have you ever experienced a less than stellar customer...

By Jessica Ting - 5 June
5 promises we make to our customers

At AROCON Roofing and Construction, we are committed to delivering the best...

By Jessica Ting - 30 May
AROCON Celebrates National Roofing Week, June 4-10
To increase recognition of the importance of roofs to every home and highlight...
By Jessica Ting - 16 May
Infographic: Many benefits of going solar at home
The Many Benefits of Going Solar at Home was created by Renewable Energy...
By John Paul Roggenkamp - 28 April
5 Ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home

Think of your home as a thermal envelope. Everything under your roof and behind...

By John Paul Roggenkamp - 4 April
Should I Install Skylights?


If you want to bring light to a dark or gloomy room, installing a skylight...