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AROCON Academy

    How to Care for Shingle Roofs

    Topics: shingles, roof upkeep, shingle care


    Topics: Cold Weather home tips, owens corning, damage, weather protection

    AROCON's Commitment to Excellence

    Topics: customer experience

    5 promises we make to our customers

    Topics: quality contractor, quality roofing, roofing contractor in Maryland

    AROCON Celebrates National Roofing Week, June 4-10

    Topics: National Roofing Week

    Infographic: Many benefits of going solar at home

    Topics: solar energy

    5 Ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home

    Topics: energy efficiency

    Should I Install Skylights?

    Topics: skylights

    4 Ways To Prepare Your Roof And Gutters For Spring

    Topics: spring cleaning, roof maintenance

    Time to Select and Install a New Door

    Topics: Doors

    Which Siding Material Should I Choose?

    Topics: siding

    AROCON Roofing and Construction Earns Esteemed 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award

    Topics: awards, Angie's List Super Service Award, Home improvement

    “Should I Replace My Roof?” - 7 Key Questions to Ask

    Topics: roofing

    4 Types of Roofing Contractor Scams to Watch Out For

    Topics: Roofing contractor, roofing scams

    Your Guide to an Energy audit

    Topics: energy efficiency, energy audit

    7 Tips To Winterproof Your Roof

    Topics: winter preparedness

    5 Step Guide to Fall Gutter Maintenance

    Topics: Gutter

    Fall Maintenance Essentials

    Topics: Gutter, Home maintenance

    Crash Course on Selecting and Installing Windows

    Topics: windows

    Disaster preparedness for your home

    Topics: roofing, disaster preparedness

    5 Easy cleaning habits to teach your kids

    Topics: Home improvement, cleaning, kids

    Does my roof need more than a band-aid?

    Topics: roofing, shingles, damage

    Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Windows in Your Home Improvement Plans

    Topics: windows, Home improvement, cleaning

    Best sites for home improvement inspiration

    Topics: Home improvement, remodel

    How to Perform a checkup on your roof

    Topics: Roof

    Meet Us at the Flower & Jazz Festival in Westminster


    The Best Way to Work with Your Homeowner’s Association

    Topics: Homeowner's Association, Homeowner Tips

    Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal

    Topics: curb appeal, front yard

    10 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship During a Remodel

    Topics: relationships, remodel

    Winter Roof Care

    Topics: roofing, winter preparedness

    Best Stores for inexpensive home decor and organization

    Topics: Home improvement, inexpensive decor, organization

    AROCON's Gutter Cost Guide

    Topics: Cost Guides, Gutter

    AROCON's Window Cost Guide


    4 Steps To Take To Avoid A Gutter Problem This Fall

    Topics: gutters

    5 Home Improvement Projects To Finish During Back-To-School Season!

    Topics: roofing, gutters, home improvement tips, power washing, back-to-school

    The 5 Benefits of Tinting Your Windows Now!

    Topics: sunlight, energy-efficient windows, tint windows, UV rays

    Infographic: Decide Whether to DIY Your Home Improvement Project!

    Topics: Home improvement, DIY

    Read This Before You Sign Your Home Improvement Contract!

    Topics: contractor, payment, home improvement contract

    Show Me the Money...Later: Financing Your Home Improvement Project

    Topics: contractor, home improvement financing, budget, finances, quote

    The 4 Energy-Efficient Window Improvements You Need to Make Today!

    Topics: caulking, air conditioning costs, awnings, energy-efficient windows, tint windows

    Installing Skylights 101

    Topics: skylights, health benefits, installing, sunlight

    Help! I’m Not Satisfied With My Home Improvement Contractor

    Topics: BBB, reviews, damage, contractor, satisfied

    Say Yes to the Dress...I Mean Door

    Topics: Doors, color, front door, materials, decorative elements

    The Seven Deadly Sins of Roofing

    Topics: roofing, shingle replacement, shingles, roof inspection

    Design Your Dream Home with Owens Corning Design EyeQ

    Topics: owens corning, dream home, design

    How Fireproof Is Your Roof?

    Topics: roofing, Roof, Tips and Guides, fireproof, safety

    A Guide to Siding 101

    Topics: siding, fiber cement siding, siding 101, vinyl siding

    The Pros and Cons of Installing Solar Panels

    Topics: solar energy, roofing and solar panels, solar panels, roof inspection

    Your Guide to Selecting a Quality Contractor

    Topics: licensed contractor, reviews, choosing a quality contractor, quality contractor

    Your 2015 Roofing Cost Guide (Infographic)

    Topics: roof leak, roofing, Roof, Cost Guides, shingles, arocon roofing & construction

    Home Improvement Gifts for Mom

    Topics: gutters, Doors, skylights, home improvement tips, mothers day

    4 Tips to Make Your Home's Exterior Shine

    Topics: gutters, Doors, siding, curb appeal, door repair, outdoor lighting, home improvement tips, door replacement

    Why MHIC Matters: The Importance of Having a Licensed Contractor

    Topics: roofing, gutters, mhic, licensed contractor

    5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

    Topics: Roof, windows, gutters, gutter leak, skylights, spring cleaning, siding, gutter repair

    What It Means to Work with an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

    Topics: roofing, awards, owens corning, fiberglas, fiberglas shingles, owens corning preferred contractor, owens corning platinum preferred contractor, arocon roofing & construction

    Is It Time? 4 Key Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing.

    Topics: roof leak, roofing, Roof, roof tune up, shingle replacement, shingles

    Is Your House Freezing?

    Topics: winter Tips, windows, Doors, energy efficiency, Window Replacement, winter preparedness

    AROCON Roofing & Construction Celebrates 7 Years of Simplifying Home Improvement

    Topics: best of houzz 2015, awards, BBB, Angie's List Super Service Award

    Winterizing Your Home

    Topics: winter Tips, gutters, winter preparedness, insulation

    AROCON Roofing & Construction of Westminster, MD Receives Best Of Houzz 2015 Award

    Topics: roofing, best of houzz 2015, houzz, awards

    How to Choose a Quality Roofing Contractor

    Topics: roofing, Roof

    Replacement Window Pitfalls

    Topics: windows, Window Replacement, Tips and Guides

    Asphalt and Cedar and Slate...Oh My!!

    Topics: roofing, Roof, roof tune up

    The Homeowner's Survival Guide to Fall: Top Ten Raking Tips

    Topics: Tips and Guides

    Ramping Up for Fall: A Guide to Your Gutters

    Topics: Gutter Tune-Up

    It's Back to School and Back to the Future...of Your Home

    Topics: winter Tips, roofing, Cold Weather home tips, tune-up, gutter leak

    From Alaska to Florida - Arocon Ranks with the Best!


    Discovering Windows...and More!

    Topics: windows

    She Came in Through the Bathroom Window...

    Topics: windows, energy efficiency

    Finally....an Audit You'll Be Happy to Get!


    Get Your Mind in the Gutter!


    Lazy Days of Summer


    AROCON Roofing and Construction is awarded Guildmaster for 2014


    April Showers Bring May Flowers...And Leaky Roofs!

    Topics: roof leak, Roof, gutters

    Replacement Windows

    Topics: windows

    Tips to Make Your Roof Last

    Topics: roof leak, roofing, Roof, gutters

    Door & Window Cost Guides

    Topics: windows, Cost Guides, Doors

    A New Way to Think About the Wind

    Topics: Ice Dam, roof leak, Cold Weather home tips, Roof

    That Dammed Ice!

    Topics: Ice Dam, roof leak, roofing, Roof