AROCON Academy

By Sarah Jachowski - 20 April
AROCON 10 Years in the Making

AROCON is proud to announce our 10th Anniversary. We have been able to grow as...

By Claire Linton - 28 February
AROCON Roof Replacement Review

After the AROCON team helped Kimberly Allenbaugh with her roof, she left us...

By John Paul Roggenkamp - 23 February
How Do I Fix a Roof Leak?

Now that spring showers are on their way, you'll want to keep your home dry by...

By John Paul Roggenkamp - 11 January
Don't Let Ice Dams Ruin Your Roof!

Winter is a time of extremes. Keep your home and family safe this year by...

By Claire Linton - 9 January
Do's and Don'ts for New Homeowners

You’ve finally purchased the home of your dreams! Or at least a home that isn’t...