If you’re looking to boost your home’s appearance, safety, and insulation levels – all at the same time – it may be time to have a new door installed.

To determine if you need a new door, inspect the door jamb and threshold for signs of damage or decay. Rotten or warped materials let in moisture and make it easier for a criminal to gain entry. If you’re looking to install a larger door, or if the old one is beyond repair, a prehung model is your best bet. Before trying to install a new door, take careful measurements of the width and height of your door opening.

Once you’ve decided to replace your door, you’ll need to choose what material to use:

  • Wood.  A classic material popular among homeowners for its beauty and warmth, a new wooden door is usually more expensive compared to other materials. A glossy finish extends the lifetime of this type of door. If you plan to install the door yourself, make sure to stain or seal both the top and bottom wooden panels to keep out moisture. Wooden doors tend to be more sensitive to moisture and sunlight, so replace them if they show signs of rot or warping. To protect your wooden door from the elements, consider enclosing the entryway inside an external foyer.
  • Metal.  The cheapest and most versatile material used today, metal doors tend to be simpler in design than ones made using wood. Most metal doors are filled with foam for added insulation. Resistant to warping and cracking, metal is a popular choice for doors that see lots of daily use. Harsh or wet climates can be hard on metal doors, however, causing them to rust quickly.
  • Fiberglass composite.  A nearly maintenance-free, dent-resistant material that can be formed to mimic almost any style, fibreglass doors are gaining popularity among homeowners. Fiberglass doors are immune to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for wet or harsh climates. The foam core at the center of most fiberglass composite doors provides a solid insulation barrier, reducing heating costs. To ensure a proper fit, have your fiberglass door installed professionally. Most manufacturers offer warranties that last as long as the home does.

To get a reliable and secure fit, buy components such as handles and hinges from the same manufacturer who built the door. You can either choose a door that matches your home’s overall look, or opt for one that offers a compelling contrast of color and style.

Weather protection and reliable security are key doorway features to look out for. Reinforced windows built into a door let in light and add a touch of class. Whatever style of door your choose, and whatever the material it’s made of, a brightly colored door will add character to even the most plain facade.

A new door can boost your home’s appearance, make it safer, and increase its energy efficiency. For help with choosing and installing your new door, contact the construction and remodeling experts at AROCON.