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Protect Your Home For Only $30/Month

AROCON Home Confidence Plan Includes:
  • Two (2) Roofing & Gutter Tune-Ups Annually

    • Before & After Photos
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Inspection of Entire Exterior (Windows, Doors, Siding, Decks, Etc.)
    • Special “Honey Do List” Pricing on Additional Exterior Maintenance Items
  • Two (2) “On-Demand” Emergency Service Visits Per Year (24 Hour Turnaround Time with Priority Scheduling for Active leaks)

  • Personalized Home Assessment Detailing Your Home’s Exterior Components & On Demand Renders of Any Project Ideas

  • Add $10 a month for 3 stories and the steeper pitched roofs

  • Additional charge for all work to be anchored with OSHA approved anchor points

AROCON Home Confidence Plan Gives You:
  • Confidence that your home will maintain its value

  • Confidence that you or a loved one won’t be injured in a life altering fall

  • Confidence that a small monthly investment will help head off expensive surprise replacement and help with budgeting improvements

Why It Matters

As you know, small problems, left unchecked, get bigger. It’s not long until they begin to affect the value of your home or force premature replacement.

  • Leaves and sticks clog gutters and get stuck on valleys

  • Small leaks dampen insulation and stain paint

  • Animals find openings and nest in attics

  • Blotchy algae grows on shingles, siding and decks

  • Drastic temperature changes deteriorate seals and loosen fasteners

  • High winds break material bonds

  • Condensation causes rot and mold

Leave It To The Professionals
  • Over 8 million Americans are injured in falls a year, with ladder related injuries being the most severe

  • Well-maintained homes have a resale value at least 20% more than homes that are neglected

  • Regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof, siding, gutters, windows and doors which guarantees the full life of an existing system