If you want to bring light to a dark or gloomy room, installing a skylight might just be the perfect solution. To help you make an educated decision for your home, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider before installing skylights, as well as the benefits.

Things to Consider:

1. Compared to the layers that make up most roofs, skylights insulate poorly. If installed incorrectly they can lead to attic ventilation issues or hot-spots in otherwise well insulated roofs. Hot-spots often cause ice dams to form. Ice dams can tear through even the sturdiest roofing materials.

2. Skylights made using poor materials have the tendency to leak, especially if they are designed to open and close. These types of leaks can allow water to reach parts of your home that might be hard to monitor or repair. To combat this potential problem and save money in the long run, consider investing in skylights made with high quality materials.

3. If you live near tall trees or in an area that experiences violent weather patterns, there’s an increased risk of skylight breakage due to falling branches, hail, or high winds. Before installing skylights, make sure you consult with a roofing professional to determine whether your home is situated in an area suitable for skylights.

4. As with any other type of window, skylights need to be cleaned fairly regularly. After installing skylights, remember that maintaining them is key to extending their lifespan.


1. Rooms that are located away from external walls (such as added-on commodes or remodeled bedrooms) often lack access to natural light and fresh air. Skylights that open and close can solve both of these issues.

2. Vented skylights can let out excess heat during summertime, acting as ‘natural’ air-conditioners. They can also vent moisture generated by a steamy shower.

3. These days, more and more homes are being built close to one another. A skylight installed in a bathroom as opposed to a traditional window increases privacy, reducing the chances of someone peeking in.

4. Skylights allow the homeowner to quickly check the weather and gaze up at the stars at night.

5. Natural light from skylights can cut down on electricity usage during the daytime.

6. During wintertime, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) often occurs in people who stay out of the sun for too long. Skylights can help bring health-promoting sunlight to where it’s needed most.

Today’s skylights are made using strong, laminated glass that can resist shattering if hit by a falling branch or hail. Whether it’s one that opens to let in air or a fixed one that stays shut, leading skylight manufacturers have figured out how to properly seal their air-venting models, thus keeping out unwanted moisture.

Make sure the skylight can be installed in the spot you want without it damaging the structure or integrity of your home’s roof. Think twice before removing roof rafters or other supporting beams, as these may weaken your home’s overall structural integrity. Since some policies forbid them, get approval from your insurance company before installing skylights.

For more information on having skylights installed in your home, the specialists at AROCON are here to help you.