The fall season had finally arrived in Maryland and with temperatures dropping and more importantly leaves falling, it’s important to know if your gutters are ready to stand up to the harsh conditions ahead.

Searching the internet you will quickly learn just how important gutters are for transferring water away from your siding, windows, doors and especially foundation to keep your home safe from interior damage and costly repairs. Those repairs can even include things like mold remediation, termite damage and failed structural support… Who needs that! It’s important to note that poorly protected gutters can also be a breeding ground for insects, rodents and other wildlife. But never fear, the our team of experts at AROCON Roofing and Construction are here to help guide you through keeping your gutters protected and in great condition year round.

So how do I protect my gutters?

1. Start with Cleaning:

How often should you clean your gutters of leaves and debris? Well that depends on how many trees you have nearby, and it’s not just those beautiful, fall-colored deciduous trees you have to be concerned about. Evergreens grow a new set of needles each year, too. Although they generally keep them for 2-5 years, they also drop a set into your gutters each fall, as well. Twigs, acorns and shingle granules can also collect in your gutters and interfere with proper drainage. In dry conditions all this debris and even be a fire hazard.  While autumn is a good time to clean your gutter system, it should be checked periodically throughout the year as well, to ensure it’s working properly to protect your home.

2. Cover Up Those Gutters:

Never want to clean your gutters again?  Then you might want to consider having gutter guards installed to keep debris out and water in. We recommend RHINO Gutter Guards®, they’re the industry’s best at protecting your gutters and multiple layers of protection to keep water flowing safely away from your home year-round. RHINO’s patented surgical stainless steel micro-mesh keeps out even the smallest particles while never missing a drop of water — tested at 60 gallons per minute! (Call the Coast Guard if you have more!) When choosing gutter guards, you want to beware of mesh gutter guards that glue, caulk, or crimp the mesh into the guard body because they can’t be removed and will cause you to replace them if anything may become trapped. When exposed to sun, and freezing/thawing weather conditions, these methods also pull away and fail over time. The RHINO Gutter Guard uses a patented “hemming” process to permanently bond the mesh to the aluminum body.

3. Strengthening Your Gutters:

Heavy wind, ice and snow take their toll on your gutters each year, causing them to pull away from your home. Did you know, some gutter covers, like the RHINO Gutter Guard®, can actually strengthen your gutters? This happens by first screwing the front of the product to the lip of the gutter with color-matching screws and then screwing the back leg to your fascia board. The torque of the second screw squeezes the gutter tight into a box-like reinforcement that will help your system last longer and drastically reduce maintenance.

Something to note is that many older gutter systems are held up by large aluminum nails with aluminum sleeves that are called “spike-and-ferrell” hangers.  These tend to loosen with time and the nail begins to pull out.  A better gutter fastening system is the “hidden hanger” because it is much more structurally sound and uses an oversized screw to hold the gutter in place.  They also make the gutters look cleaner because they are completely inclosed within the gutter!