As the weather turns warmer, it’s time to get your roof and gutters ready for Spring showers. Snow and ice can damage even the sturdiest roof, meaning that an inspection and some repairs may be necessary.

One way to inspect your roof is by looking at it through binoculars from ground level. Have another person on hand and be careful when climbing onto your roof to remove larger items such as branches and wind-blown leaves. If it’s necessary to get onto your roof, but you don’t feel comfortable doing it, or if your insurance policy forbids it, call in professional help.

1. Remove Any Foreign Objects.

The first step in preparing your roof for Spring-time is to remove any debris you might find. Sticks, pine-needles, and other plant matter will clog gutters and ventilation stacks, possibly causing water damage as well as excess moisture buildup in the attic.

2. Check Your Roof For Damage.

Make note of any missing or damaged shingles or tiles. Shingles that are buckling or appear smooth should be replaced. Torn or missing flashing, which is the material that covers the chimney where it passes through the roof, needs immediate attention. Otherwise, rainwater can get into places it shouldn’t be able to reach. Ventilation stacks help your attic shed moisture, allowing the top part of your house to ‘breathe.’ If they’re showing signs of damage, fix them as soon as possible. Caulking and weatherstrips stop moisture from creeping under your roofing materials and into your home. Remember to replace rotten and loose caulking with a fresh application of a weather-proof, silicone caulk.

3. Check Your Attic For Holes.
From inside your attic or crawlspace, check for signs of water or daylight intrusion. If you find damp beams, dripping water, or patches of standing water, chances are there’s a leak that needs attention. Water flows downhill, so remember to check along the roof’s peak when looking for leaks. Look for and get rid of patches of mold inside your home. These are likely caused by excessive moisture buildup.

4. Fix Any Damage.
Make sure all downspouts and gutters are firmly attached. Ice and snow can be too heavy for some gutters and will pull their anchors loose. Replace any missing tiles, shingles, flashing, and caulking. Plug existing holes, or use chalk to mark their location and call in a roofing expert for help. The sooner damage is fixed, the sooner you’ll rest easily knowing your home will stay safe and dry during the next Spring downpour.

Taking care of your roof and gutters with some basic spring maintenance will help extend their lifespans, saving you money in the long run. At AROCON Roofing and Construction, we offer the roof tune-up that includes shingle repair, caulking, and more!