Spring is upon us, and with the blooming of new life all around us comes the need to take a serious look at our lawns and porches. The front of your house is usually the first thing guests and neighbors see when they drive by your house. You want it to look polished, clean, and welcoming.

So how can you go about improving your curb appeal?

If you have a front porch, start there. Sweep the porch and wipe down the furniture and other surfaces. Compost any dying plants, remove any cracked or damaged furniture and decorations, and replace any dim light bulbs. Clean out all lighting fixtures, and wipe down the outside of any windows that face out onto your porch.

If you have a welcome mat, give it a thorough sweeping or replace it with a fresh one. And rearrange or replace outdoor furniture to suit your tastes. The final touch should be adding in something living, whether that be some hanging flowers or potted succulents. Adding in more green can liven up your porch for spring.

If you have a walkway leading to your house, give that a thorough sweeping as well. You may also use a power washer to get it really clean.

Rip up any of the weeds growing in your front lawn as these can be dangerous to the life of new plants and flowers that bloom in the spring. If you have hedges or bushes in the front lawn, trim these with hedge trimmers or pruning shears. Make sure you wear gardening gloves so you don’t get scratched.

You may decide to add in more plants to frame your house better. Consider adding a potted plant or by planting a new bed of plants. You can also look into installing a small birdbath or outdoor sculpture if this suits your aesthetic and if you have the room for it. Any of these accents can add more personality and style to a home.

Celebrate the warmer weather by taking care of your front yard and boosting your home’s curb appeal!