Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and families around the world are scrambling for gifts. Some will go for breakfast in bed. Others will go for the classic chocolate and flower combo. Some brave souls might even take up mom’s chore list. Although these are all passable Mother’s Day gifts, they are not exactly memorable. If you really want to make this Mother’s Day memorable, there is something special and creative you can to change things up: home renovations. Now you obviously won’t have enough time for a whole addition, but here are a few relatively cheap and easy ideas that can boost both your home’s appeal and your standing with mom!

Let The Light In. Although waking up to breakfast in bed would be nice, imagine waking up to a new source of beautiful, natural sunlight. You can give your mom this luxury by installing a skylight! Skylights not only let in warming, calming light, but they are also energy efficient. With the right contractor, you can get a skylight isntalled quickly So before frying her some eggs and bacon, consider installing a skylight for her!

Fix The Gutters. A dirty, broken gutter can lead to a dirty, broken home. Leaking, clogged gutters can cause lasting damage to a home’s exterior. Additionally, I’m sure cleaning the faulty gutters have been on mom’s to-do list more than once. Installing a new gutter system will boost your home’s appeal and efficency. While it might not be as glamorous as flowers, a new, working gutter system would be a practical, useful Mother’s Day gift.

New Door! There are few things that draw more attention and use in a home than the front door. After a few years of wear, doors can begin to look beat up and worn down, which can actually make the whole home look worse. And when it comes to a home’s appearance, no one is more invested than the mother of the house. Replacing the front door is a relatively quick and inexpensive renovation that could instantly improve the whole home’s appearance. A new front door would be a great gift for any mother on Mother’s Day.

Sure, candy and flowers are nice, but going the extra mile will win you some brownie points and make your mom happier than ever this Mother’s Day! Whether you are a loyal partner or a loving child, you can’t go wrong with home renovations! For help with any your home improvement needs, contact a licensed contractor like award-winning Arocon Roofing and Construction today!