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What Do I Get?

 Replacement of Blown of Shingles (5 Shingle Tabs Included)
Repairs of Deteriorated Pipe Gaskets (1 included in service)
Repairs of Exposed Nail Heads (“Nail Pops”)
Caulking and Sealing of All Vents, Flashings and Nail Holes (2 Tubes Worth)
Installing OSHA certified Roof Harness Anchor Point to Complete Work Safely (1 Anchor Point Included)
Repairs of Exposed Nail Heads (“Nail Pops”)
Before and After Photos of Completed Work
Recommendation of any future maintenance or repairs
Complimentary Cleaning of your Gutter and Downspout system using blowers (additional charges may apply for downspout that require snaking or disassembly)
Tightening your Gutters Using Existing Fasteners
Tightening your Downspouts using Existing Fasteners and Brackets
Inspecting the Slope of your Gutters for Proper Water Flow
Visual Inspecting Ground Drainage and Run-Off

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