Discovering the true extent of wear and tear on your roof can be a challenging task. Frequently, all that your roof and gutters require is some regular maintenance, sparing you the expense of a complete replacement and roof repairs. Introducing our exclusive $199 Roof & Gutter Tune-Up, valued at $890! Enlist the expertise of our seasoned roof technicians to experience an instant remedy for your roofing and gutter concerns. As a bonus, you’ll receive a comprehensive photo report detailing the current condition of your roof and recommendations if further roof repairs are necessary. A revitalized roof is just one Roof & Gutter Tune-Up away!

Why Get a Roof & Gutter Tune-Up?

To Prevent Costly Roof Repairs!

Your Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Service Includes:

  • Fully Inspect Your Roof System Including Shingles, Pipe Flashings, Vent and HVAC Flashings, Wall Flashings, Ridge Vents, Chimneys and other penetrations.
  • Replace of Blown off Shingles (5 shingle tabs included)
  • Caulk of All Vents, Flashings and Nail Holes (2 tubes of sealant included)
  • Repair Deteriorated Pipe Gaskets (1 included in service)
  • Install Permanent OSHA certified Roof Harness Anchor Point (1 anchor point Included)
  • Seal Deteriorating Caulk on Penetrations
  • Secure Ridge Vents, Plumbing Pipe Flashings, Vent and HVAC Flashings
  • Repairs of Exposed Nail Heads (“Nail Pops”)
  • Seal Low Shot Nails
  • Take Before and After Photos of Completed Work
  • Recommend Next Steps for Complex Repairs and Future Maintenance
  • Inspect the insulation depth
  • Determine if bathroom fans are vented out of the roof
  • Check for proper intake/exhaust ventilation
  • Document areas with rotting roof sheathing
  • Take photo of damage to the interior of your roof’s sheathing
  • Notes outlying deficiencies found in your attic
  • Recommendations to increase the efficiency of the attic space
  • Complimentary Cleaning of your Gutter and Downspout system using blowers (additional charges may apply for downspout that require snaking or disassembly)
  • Tightening your Gutters Using Existing Fasteners
  • Tightening your Downspouts using Existing Fasteners and Brackets
  • Inspecting the Slope of your Gutters for Proper Water Flow
  • Visual Inspecting Ground Drainage and Run-Off

Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Reviews!

“The team that came over to my home today were very professional, explained in detail what they found and fixed. Actually they called me to see if they could come a little earlier than scheduled that was excellent the proved pictures of everything before and after. Kudos to your team. I would recommend your services to anyone. Great Customer Service all the way through the process. Thanks again to Zachary and the whole Arocon team.”

Alaric S, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“Arocon Roofing was phenomenal! Our roofer, Preston, did a thorough inspection and was able to quickly identify and fix the problem that was causing the leak. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. He also shared many pictures (which was helpful since I know nothing about roofs). I would highly recommend Arocon Roofing for any roof/gutter issues and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

Janae K, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“I have used ARACON for many years, and they provide high quality cost effective services, and are easy to work with. Thank you!”

Robb C, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“AROCON is the BEST! When we first moved into the house, we did the roof and gutter tune up, and I am so happy I did! Moving into a fixer upper, you never know what you’re going to get, but I felt so taken care of. We’re looking into doing our siding, gutters, and roof in the near future and we know who we’ll be calling! Shoutout to Jason!”

Rachel C, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“Denny & Dylon did a thorough inspection of my roof on 7/27/23. They explained everything they did, including photos. Since my roof is 24 years old, it gives me piece of mind to have it inspected twice s year until I eventually replace it. I am never disappointed in the service I receive from Arocon Roofing!”

Susie S, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“I first started using Aracon when there was a leak in my roof. The repair was made quickly and efficiently. The representatives were knowledgeable and friendly. I have a maintenance plan that gives me 2 roof check ups a year. I am a very happy customer.”

Candy S, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“Zack and his crew were excellent. They arrived on time and provided a thorough inspection of my roof. Zack corrected any concerns and provided me with a verbal explanation of the overall condition of my roof and gutters and followed up with an written copy along with pictures. I’ve used AROCON before and have complete trust in them.”

Tate S, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“A+++!!!! We are so impressed by AROCON. They showed up early, were professional and respectful of the property and did a great job cleaning out our gutters and roof! PLUS not to mention the price was unbeatable. What more can we ask for theses days?!”

Amanda F, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“I scheduled an appointment to locate and repair a small leak in a 20 year old roof. The tech arrived on time and called me to discuss my concerns. An hour later, hr identified and repaired a number of small issues that may eventually lead to another leak. The price, efficiency and honesty were all better than I expected. I plan to use them again when it’s time replace the entire roof. Highly recommend!”

Steve D, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

“Honesty is extremely important aspect in this business. All the roof technicians (Dylan, Nick, and Denny) do an excellent job in cleaning the gutters and inspecting the roof and doing small tune ups. Could not have asked for more. Their cost for monthly on annual payments is quite reasonable. I would recommend them highly if you would like a company that is good to look after your gutters and roof.”

Ebenezer D, Roof & Gutter Tune-Up Customer

Need More Than One Tune-Up During The Year?

Try Our Home Confidence Plan!

Sign up for routine preventive maintenance with our Home Confidence Plan. Each plan includes two of our Roof and Gutter Tune Ups and two emergency visits! Click the link below to find out more about our Home Confidence Plan!

 Tune-Up Service Policies

Weather-Optimized Services: Our services are provided when weather conditions are favorable, ensuring the best outcomes for your roofing and gutter needs.

Service Area: We offer our exceptional services across Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Residential Rate: For residential structures, our starting cost of $199 ensures quality service that won’t break the bank. Detached  structures to be billed separately at $199. Commercial structures to be quoted individually.

Appointment Completion: All work must be completed at the time of the appointment. If your specific issue can not be addressed at the time of the visit, we recommend rescheduling for a better date.

Cancellations: Payment completion is required 24 hours before the appointment. Our cancellation/rescheduling policy enforces a 24-hour notice, and appointments canceled after 3:00 pm on the preceding business day or at the time of the technicians arrival may incur a $199 fee.

Warranties: The Tune Up service does not hold or express any warranties on the roof corrections.

Specialized Equipment: Additional charges will apply if specialized equipment is necessary to meet your home’s specific  needs.

Included Materials: 5 replacement tabs or architectural shingles, 2 tubes of sealant, 1 replacement pipe gasket, 1 permanent harness point

Additional Materials: Additional charges may by applied in order to resolve

Shingle Replacement: Our Technicians aim for providing the closest match but can not guarantee exact make/color as existing shingles. Tab/Shingle replacements  only apply to blow offs.

Safety Harnesses: Completing roof work requires the technician to wear a safety harness. Harnesses are not mandatory to complete inspections.

Included Services: The technician teams can handle routine deficiencies and minor repairs. Further work will require a project coordinator to assist in the repair estimate.

Accessibility: In order for our technicians to access your attic space, please have a clear path to the attic hatch at the time of arrival.

Limitations of Inspection: The technician will do their best to provide detailed photos of the complete attic space but because of the wide variety of attic configurations and obstruction may not be able to access the space entirely.

Debris Removal: The included gutter service utilizes high powered blowers to remove debris and water from your gutters and downspouts. We recommend to move vehicles and patio furniture away form gutter before the appointment.

Clearing Underground Drainage: Technicians are not responsible or equipped for clearing under ground conduits

Limitations of Service: The gutter tune up includes inspecting, sealing and clearing the gutter/downspout systems. If replacement and additional components are need, additional charges will apply.

Gutter Guard Restriction: System capped with gutter guards to not qualify for gutter cleaning service. Technicians will blow any debris covering the gutter guard system. Addition fees may apply to remove or remove and reinstall guards.